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LAndscaping & GARDEN Maintenance


 The enjoyment of gardening is a multifaceted thing, one aspect is the variation of work, one day it be seeing the rapid progress made after a noisy day of machinery, clearing an over grown plot, landscaping, renovating whilst thinking of the redesigning, the next it could be crawling around on all four carrying out the careful and quiet maintenance of established beds and borders by hand. The concept of time shifts as you think seasons or sometimes years ahead, winters can fly by as anticipation of spring approaches.

 Our clients range from working with those who have passionately labored away for years in their gardens but may no longer be able to keep on top of them, to working for businesses, councils and charities who may want specific work priced and executed to budget. It's not uncommon for one-off jobs to occasionally pop up where we end up working with old friends on sets for television or advertising.


 We can also help with landscaping jobs, be it patios, fencing or other larger projects. Where necessary we work with other local small scale businesses as subcontractors who also share our ideals standards of environmental care and competitive pricing - there's never a moment when there isn't an opportunity to learn and share when working with others and it's something we enjoy doing.

Pond margin plants romping away
Back at home after a hard days work in t
Autumn POW!
Roses in bloom
Gardens: Project
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